Safety & Security

Messe München is committed to providing the best possible saftey and security measures on the premises of its locations.

The first-aid service is always present at events—from set-up through the entire duration of the fair to dismantling. You will find first-aid stations at the West and East entrances and in Hall C4—depending on hall occupancy. Paramedics and doctors treat medical emergencies directly on site. If necessary, they will be supported by the public ambulance service.

Emergency numbers at Messe München

  • Medical service on the exhibition grounds: +49 89 949-28103
  • Security centre (24 hours): +49 89 949 -24555

General emergency numbers

  • Emergency call rescue service / emergency doctor (24 hours): 112
  • Emergency call fire brigade (24 hours): 112
  • Emergency call police (24 hours): 110
  • Police Station 25 Trudering / Riem (24 hours): +49 89 45187-0

Munich is the safest big city in Germany. Also our exhibition grounds meet the highest security standards. In close cooperation with the police and authorities, we provide for your safety with comprehensive security measures:

  • Visible presence of uniformed security staff
  • Plain-clothes staff for discreet observation
  • Access and admission checks
  • Close observation of all driveways and gates
  • Full-coverage video surveillance
  • Detailed emergency and evacuation plans for different scenarios

Security service and security control center

The Security Headquarters is staffed 24 hours a day and is responsible for security at the Messe München exhibition grounds.

Our security service staff is deployed throughout the entire exhibition area around the clock. The security staff control access at all entrances and driveways and check the traffic. They help you in case of accidents, damage claims and thefts. In emergencies and in case of safety-related events, they are immediately on the scene.

Medical service / first aid

The medical service is constantly present at events—from setup throughout the entire trade show and stand dismantling period. The first-aid stations are located in the main entrances West and East, as well as in Hall C4, depending on hall occupancy. Paramedics and physicians will treat medical emergencies directly on the spot. If necessary, the public rescue service (ambulance) is called in to provide assistance.

Fire department and fire safety

During major events and shows, the fire department maintains a guard station directly on the exhibition grounds. Moreover, the fire protection service regularly informs and advises us on fire prevention measures.

In case of fire: Please immediately activate the nearest fire alarm. Fire alarm devices are installed right next to the gates in every hall.

Police at the trade fair

During our events, officials from the Munich Police Department are present on the exhibition grounds and in the surrounding area, ensuring your security through a wide range of measures.

The responsible police station #25 is in the immediate vicinity and is open 24 hours a day. Located at: Werner-Eckert-Str. 12, 81829 Munich (Trudering / Riem)

Emergency evacuation of the exhibition grounds

In an emergency, we alert our exhibitors and visitors via loudspeaker announcements in several languages. Use the official escape routes marked with green signs. In the event of an evacuation, please ensure that you follow the instructions of the security staff.

Safety precautions at increased threat conditions

We are in constant communication with the police and the authorities, enabling us to deal with increased threat situations at any time. Working together, we can respond to any security incidents at short notice and adjust, extend or enhance our security measures.

If you have any questions about emergency and security management, you can contact the Team Security.