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Allianz Generalagentur Einhellig & Hoffmann OHG

Since 1964, your local Allianz Dealer “Einheillig & Hoffmann OHG” sucessfully offers full insurance coverage for the exhibitors of the Trade Fair Munich. This includes completely the time right before, during and after the Trade Fair.

The Exhibitors also receive due to our long experience excellent insurance conditions for transport and exhibition items, as well as full personal liability insurance.

The Alliance offers exact policies tailored to the risks involved in a Trade Fair. Our team of experts will gladly help you in choosing the right policy. In the case of any claims, we will help you immediately and quickly through the necessary paperwork.

On the last day of every Trade Fair, we are on site at your service, to help and advice between 15-17 pm, at the International Business Center.

Also, as a specialized and qualified insurance dealer, we would be honoured to advise you concerning all other Insurances for yourself and your company.

Please feel free and just talk to us!

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