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Waste Disposal

Remondis GmbH & Co.KG

REMONDIS GmbH & Co. KG is one of the largest waste-disposal companies in the world. It has locations in eleven European countries and in Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

Based on the tradition of a successful family business with decades of experience, REMONDIS always puts it's customers' needs and benefits top priority.REMONDIS works for and with its customers to develop custom solutions, including complex municipal and industrial supply and disposal concepts.

Our objectives and our future: At REMONDIS, closed material cycles have priority. Our objective is to consistently cover the entire service chain for a growing number of materials - from logistics, sorting, pre-treatment and processing to marketing. REMONDIS has the necessary infrastructure - a logistics and plant network that provide blanket coverage - a network that provides security and ensures endless possibilities.

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  •  Waste Disposal
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  • Address
    South Region
    Pasteurstraße 22
    80999 München
  • Fax
    +49 89 89 217246
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  • Address
    on the trade fair grounds, transshipment depot between Gate 16 and Gate 17
  • Tel.
    +49 89 949-24730
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    +49 89 949-24739
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  • Website