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January 8, 2016

Four construction machinery fairs around the world
First cut of the spade for two new halls
Well managed: a surplus of EUR 12 million in 2015
Financially independent from the shareholders


Full of confidence, Messe München goes into the eventful exhibition year of 2016 that is characterized by many highlights. Opening in April is bauma, the world’s biggest trade show; in June, the renowned Greentec Awards are presented on the eve of IFAT, the environmental technology fair; after that comes the first cut of the spade for two new halls; and finally, Messe München celebrates its financial independence in 2016.


“When you set yourself challenging objectives, you achieve them too”, is how trade-fair boss Klaus Dittrich describes the economic success of his company. For with the successful year of 2015, Messe München has now operated at a profit for the sixth time in a row. In addition, 2015 was an average year in terms of trade shows.


The Messe München Group generated a sales volume of EUR 270 million according to the latest projections. Messe München GmbH finished the year 2015 of an ex-pected volume of EUR 225 million. The earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) come to an estimated more than EUR 70 million. Accord-ing to interim projections, that leaves a surplus of around twelve million euros—and this in spite of the still high principal repayment for the construction of the new exhibi-tion center, i.e. around EUR 42 million for the year. The surplus will be transferred to the two main shareholders, the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Munich, as in-terest on the shareholder loan for the construction of the new exhibition center.


CTT Moscow: most important purchase in the history of Messe München
The Messe München Group is so financially strong by now that in December 2015, it was able to buy the biggest fair in Russia: CTT Moscow for a sum running into tens of millions. This is the biggest and most important purchase in the history of Messe München. The former owner Alexey Striganov stays on as partner in the joint company.


“With CCT in Moscow, we are extending our leading position worldwide in the area of construction and mining machinery”, explains Stefan Rummel, Messe München’s Managing Director responsible for activities abroad. “We now have a world market share of more than 50 percent in this sector.”


Aside from CTT, Messe München is expanding its range through other involvements too. “With the new guest event Airtec, our cooperation with the Italian wine association ULV and the purchase of the trade show ‘The 66’, we laid the foundation in 2015 to strengthen Munich as an exhibition location in the long term”, explains Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy CEO.


More than two million visitors At a total of 217 events in the year 2015, the Munich location had more than 1.9 million visitors (up by 4 percent) and around 33,000 exhibitors (up 2 percent). This includes all the events too at the ICM (86) and MOC (95) as well as the guest events. Together with its own trade shows in China, India, South Africa and Turkey, the Group recorded about 2.2 million visitors and around 40,000 exhibitors.


Refugees: when we can help, we do so
Apart from the trade-fair events, Messe München also gave its support to refugees. Over around two weeks in September, it took in 17,000 refugees at short notice; these had arrived at the central station in Munich. Up to 3,000 persons stayed here per night in exhibition halls. “When we can help, we do so”, says Klaus Dittrich.


S-Bahn-Bündnis Ost—a transport alliance that benefits the trade fair and the region
In summer, Messe München initiated the S-Bahn-Bündnis Ost, an alliance to promote suburban rail in east Munich. Its objective: to develop S2-Ost as a four-track line and connect the trade fair to the suburban railway. The exhibition center can thus be linked up directly with the airport. This alliance comprises the districts of Munich, Erding and Ebersberg and the municipalities Aschheim, Kirchheim-Heimstetten, Poing and Markt Schwaben as well as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria. Numerous state and Federal politicians have already confirmed their support.


2016 a year full of highlights
The year 2016 brings many highlights. On January 24–27, ISPO MUNICH will again fill all the exhibition halls. One of the big fashionable topics here is ‘health, fitness and prevention’. For this, there is a complete ‘Health & Fitness’ hall.


Most of all, this will be a fourfold bauma year. The world’s biggest trade fair takes place in Munich from April 11 to 17 on 605,000 square meters. After that come the spin-off fairs in Shanghai (in November), in Delhi (December)—and, in May, the new addition CTT Moscow.


Along with bauma in Munich, the trade fair is starting a new project: the bauma Charity Alliance. “Across the world, many of our exhibitors do a lot against hunger and poverty, for education and peace”, says Klaus Dittrich. These charity projects will be presented at bauma 2016; the trade fair is helping to develop them.


At the end of May, the world-leading trade fair for environmental technologies IFAT will also fill all 16 of the halls and part of the exhibition grounds. On the evening before IFAT, the GreenTec Awards—Europe’s biggest environmental and business awards—will be presented at a big gala.


Straight after IFAT in June comes the first cut of the spade in the construction of two new exhibition halls and a conference area. The cost of this: EUR 105.8 million. The financing is borne completely by the trade fair alone. After two years of construction, the exhibition center, that has been opened in 1998, will be completed and will have 18 halls with a total of 200,000 square meters and around 400,000 square meters of open-air space.


Two big medical congresses with over 27,000 visitors
The congress business too has boomed in Munich for many years. “The area of guest events and the congress business are one of the important pillars for the success of Messe München”, says Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer.


Two major international congresses await Messe München. EAU 2016: this is the congress of the European Association of Urology on March 11–15, 12,000 participants are expected. For the second time in Munich: EASD 2016, the annual congress of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes on September 12–16 with probably 15,000 participants. Each of the congresses occupies the entire ICM and several exhibition halls.


Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer: “These two major congresses will be among the highlights in 2016 for the catering and hotel industry in Munich.”

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