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February 16, 2017

Cooperation with the Brazilian Sobratema Association
Successful network expansion in the bauma cluster
Klaus Dittrich: Brazil is by far the most important market in South America


Messe München is further expanding its international expertise in the con-struction machinery sector and getting involved for the first time in Brazil: As part of a Iong-term cooperative partnership with the Brazilian Association of Technology for Construction and Mining, Sobratema, the Munich-based com-pany will also be a partner of M&T Expo, the second-largest trade fair in South America. “Cooperation with this construction machinery trade fair allows us access to what is the most important market for us by far in South America and strengthens our position as the world’s leading organizer of construction machinery trade fair,” as Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO of Messe München, explains.


Messe München will be the cooperation partner of the Sᾶo Paulo based Sobratema Association in the form of a 30-year cooperation agreement. The Bra-zilian associa-tion organized three trade fairs for the construction sector: “M&T Expo”, “M&T P&S” and “Construction Expo”. Of these three trade fairs “M&T Expo”, held every three years, is especially important for Messe München. This Brazilian trade fair is among the largest in South America and, in terms of its product portfolio, comparable to bauma. For its new cooperation abroad, Messe München is founding a separate sub-sidiary, “Messe München do Brasil Feiras ltda”. The first joint M&T Expo will take place in 2018 and be supported by the internationally successful bauma team.


“Commitment in Brazil is a key element in implementing both our Messe München overseas strategy and the industry-specific bauma cluster strategy,” says the res-ponsible Managing Director Stefan Rummel, emphasizing the importance of the pro-ject he has concluded. “Messe München is thus now represented in all the strategical-ly important markets of the world in the construction machinery sector.” Brazil is one of the top 10 global economies and covers more than 50 percent of the South Ameri-can market for construction machinery.


The bauma cluster currently comprises five trade fairs: bauma in Munich (with 605,000 square meters, the largest trade fair in the world), bauma China (the second-largest event in the Messe München portfolio), BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA, BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA and CTT in Moscow (Russia’s largest trade fair joined the bauma cluster in 2015).


“Through our new location in the growth market of Brazil, we are also further deve-loping our leading world trade fairs at the Munich location. bauma in Munich, in par-ticular, will benefit from the new international network,” says Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München, highlighting the positive interaction between the home market and overseas locations.


The Sobratema Association has around 780 members made up of manufacturers, retailers, lessors and users. It has had close relationships with Munich for many years through organizing delegations to the worldwide bauma trade fairs.

Pictures for this press release

  • Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO

    CEO Dittrich: “This cooperation strengthens our position as the world’s leading organizer of construction machinery trade fair”.

  • Stefan Rummel, Managing Director

    Rummel: “Messe München now represented in all the strategically important markets of the world in the construction machinery sector.”