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Mistress of the Halls

Betina Selzer coordinates Messe München's Newbuild of Halls

Principal builder: As head of Construction & Engineering, Betina Selzer manages the major construction site for the hall C5 and C6 newbuilds.

The giant building cranes reach starkly into the sky. At their feet: meter-thick pillars and concrete portals. Dozens of workers are calling out and driving construction vehicles, punctuated by the sound of hammering. They are racing against time. On the other side of the road, the white steel girders for the roof structures are already waiting, each about 35 meters long. The directly adjacent container village of the construction workers seems as small as a toy village in contrast.

"This winter was extremely cold. The concreting of the basement has therefore been delayed by a few weeks", says Betina Selzer, Head of Division Construction & Engineering at Messe München. "Now we have to consolidate the rest of the construction work so that we can finish on time. All this requires very meticulous planning."

Countless cogs must fit together

Selzer is the organizational head for the latest building project at Messe München, the new halls C5 and C6. An additional 20,000 square meters of exhibition space are to be created here soon. Until then, she still has a lot of work ahead of her.

Every day, new challenges have to be mastered—planning, organizational, and, of course, logistical. Countless cogs must be synchronized and fit together to ensure the large construction site continues running like clockwork.

Despite last year’s harsh winter, the project is on time and budget so far. Thanks to the up to 300 workers on site. Thanks to the dedicated team in the Construction & Engineering department. And thanks to the constructive work approach of all project participants.

"Such a building project only works with clear communication." Betina Selzer

"Such a building project only works with clear communication ", says Selzer. "So far, we are doing very well, because everyone involved is pulling together and supporting our constructive approach."

Devoid of any self-staging, Selzer talks about her task almost reticently. Yet the construction site is anything but ordinary. The new halls will soon contain 5,700 tons of steel, and another 2,600 tons of steel for the roof structures.

Already in April, the steel girders were transported to the site with special tracked vehicles and hoisted onto the concrete portals using special cranes.

In May 2018, according to plan, the new halls are to be ready for occupancy for the IFAT. The final buildout of the new Conference Center Nord is due to follow.

The next major project is already looming on the horizon

And then? Betina Selzer looks at the screen of her computer. The monitor shows a webcam image. The large building site for halls C5 and C6 is visible. Trucks. Workers. And the white steel girders. An expanse of free space can be seen not far away.

The next job to be dealt with is parking", says Selzer. "We need of lot of additional parking space for the bauma coming up in 2019. This is the next big project we will be tackling."

Facts & Figures

square meters additional exhibition space

tons of steel for the buildings and another 2,600 tons of steel for the roof structures

months of construction

million euro total building cost

percent of the companies on the construction site are from Bavaria

around 50
staff working at the Construction & Engineering Department

meters is the span width of a hall roof