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That's new:
More LED, digital signage and networking space

The demands we place on a FUTURE MEETING SPACE increase continuously. Which is why investments in technology and infrastructure at all three Messe München Locations are essential. "That applies to lighting and room information systems as well as networking space," says Christian Müller, Technical Director of the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München.

The largest room at the ICM, Room 14, recently underwent a complete retrofit to LED lighting technology. Large portions of the foyer as well as the ICM's own Hall B0 and other areas at all three Messe München Locations—the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München, MOC Veranstaltungscenter München and the trade-fair center—will gradually follow.

Christian Müller: "Every year we invest six-figure sums of money to remain on the cutting edge of technology at all times." As Müller points out, doing so is also a strategic decision: "In times of rapidly changing industry trends, we put our money on full service."

The company will also continue to expand its digital signage at all three Messe München Locations (Photo: new outdoor stands for the entrances to the ICM and MOC) as well as our networking space, as Christian Müller explains: "Due to high customer demand, we recently converted some space at the ICM. The future of the meetings industry also includes the ability to adapt locations in this manner."