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Big Player Interview:
Stefan Dreischärf, Managing Director of the renowned HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH

MML: You have been Managing Director of the High End Society and, thus, head of HIGH END, the world's largest trade fair for the audio industry, since January 2017. It's an absolute dream job for any audiophile: What are your plans now that the reigns have been turned over by your predecessor, Branko Glisovic?

Continuity and dependability vis-à-vis our business partners and our exhibitors. The majority of our exhibitors come to us from around the world, and we want them to feel at home and receive professional support from the very beginning. From my time in international sales, I know how exhausting a trade fair can be when you're jet-lagged.

MML: Given your profession, you've always had a thing about "perfect sound": As an acknowledged audio expert and trade-show organizer, what changes and challenges are you seeing?

Still being referred to as an audio expert will definitely be one of the greatest challenges for me personally. The important thing here is to maintain close ties with manufacturers, sales teams and dealers—and not just from an organizer's perspective, but as a tech-savvy music lover, too. Another challenge will definitely be to continue the successful work of my predecessor, Branko Glisovic, and ensure that HIGH END remains the leading trade for this industry in the future, as well.

MML: HIGH END has some 20,000 international visitors and has been the audio industry's leading platform for quite a while. What makes the fair so special? Is there a philosophy?

A significant part of the philosophy is the exhibition venue. The combination of professional logistics and separate listening rooms and exhibition halls that we have here may very well be unique in the entire world.
Of course, there is also our longevity: HIGH END 2017 is our 36th event, which is also part of our success.

MML: Does holding the trade fair in Munich make it more attractive for exhibitors and visitors—say when it comes to things such as safety, its central location or Bavarian hospitality?

As far as we're concerned, there are plenty of reasons why the MOC is the perfect venue for HIGH END. On the one hand, it is easy to reach thanks to its central location in the heart of Europe, and on the other, everyone who visits the "cosmopolitan city" of Munich feels really welcome.
And thanks to its countless showrooms in the atriums and its spacious exhibition halls, the MOC satisfies the best prerequisites for HIGH END.

MML: Last but not least: What is your personal highlight at this year's HIGH END 2017 at the MOC from May 18 to 21—the first under your direction?

Several companies have announced world premieres including a few products that I am very curious about. I'm sure every visitor will find his or her own highlight while attending the fair.