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Opening January 2019:
The New Conference Center Nord

A new conference center and the two new halls C5 and C6 are taking shape in the northeast of the exhibition grounds. Embedded in the spacious outdoor exhibition area, the Conference Center Nord will offer ideal conditions for a wide variety of trade fairs, conferences and events. The meeting rooms and conference halls are suitable for a wide range of uses and directly connected to Hall C6, which can be divided by mobile partition walls as needed.

Prime location with high flexibility

The new Conference Center Nord and the two new halls will be erected in the northeast of the exhibition grounds.
Thanks to its prominent location directly adjacent to the outdoor exhibition area, the new Conference Center Nord features ample parking space and is accessible by public transport from the Messestadt Ost subway stop (U2).

Floor plan ground floor

Multi-functionality and flexibility take top priority in the new Conference Center Nord. The conference rooms and halls are suitable for a wide range of uses and connected to Hall C6, which can be div ided by mobile partition walls as needed. A spacious, light-flooded foyer welcomes guests at arrival. Right next to it, a bistro-style catering facility will be located.

Floor plan 1st floor

An independent conference area is going to take up the hall‘s front section on the upper floor. Through the foyer, guests will reach the conference rooms and halls for small to medium-sized events ranging from 250 up to a total capacity of 1,200 people. The northeastern conference hall with its large glass front offers a view of the outdoor exhibition area.

1st floor conference rooms
Conference rooms Floor space in sm Conference seating
C55 70 30
C65 70 30
C64 32 20
C63 24 16
Total 196 96
Depending on demand, three additional conference rooms (C51-53) can be booked on request.
1st floor conference halls
Conference halls Floor space in sm Row seating
C54 280 280
C62 520 560
C62 a 260 260
C62 b 260 260
C61 260 250
Total 1,050 1,090

Hall C6: Total flexibility

Hall C6 is directly connected to the Conference Center Nord. The state-of-theart hall at ground level offers generous event space with plenty of natural light thanks to expansive glazing. Its column-free construction and a ceiling height of approx. 11 meters makes the hall fully vehicle-accessible. Hall C6 features mobile partition walls and can be individually divided in both transverse and longitudinal direction, thus offering tailor-made solutions for exhibitions, conventions and meetings to suit any requirements.

Events held on the upper floor of the Conference Center Nord can be combined with additional exhibition and catering areas in Hall C6 and with other conference halls of various sizes to create an attractive, customized event space.

Option Total space in sm Foyer in sm Room/hall in sm Capacity Row seating
S 2.200     900
M 4.450 3.180 1.270 970
L 6.660 4.140 1.270
XL 9.410 4.140 1.270
Hall C6
Length approx. 143 m
Width 71 m
Gross exhibition area approx. 10,000 m2
Clear height of longitudinal wall
(hall perimeter between entrances)
approx. 5.70 m
Clear height of hall girder supports
(hall sides)
approx. 10.75 m
Clear height of tie
(hall center)
approx. 11.50 m
Clear height
(under fixed bulkhead partition)
approx. 8,95 m
Hall floor mastic asphalt
Permissible distributed load 5 t/m² (50 kN/m2)
Permissible point load
(support area 0.3 m x 0.3 m, spacing approx. 1.5 m)
does not apply to utility duct cover

10 t (100 kN)
Permissible vertical load
at each suspension point
25 kg (0.25 kN)/m2 or
500 kg (5 kN)
Hall gates: (Size) and [Number]
Vehicular access permitted
No vehicular access

(4.5 m x 4.5 m) [8]
(2.5 m x 4.5 m) [2]
Artificial illumination max. 300 Lux/m2
Ventilation partly air-conditioned
Utility supply ducts transverse to hall length, axes spaced at 5 m
Width of utility ducts
Width of utility duct cover
0.35 m
0.43 m
Utility connections:
- Water
- Wastewater
- Sprinklers
- Compressed air

DN 25/min. 3.5 bar
DN 100
DN 50
DN 50/min. 10 bar
Electricity supply 200 W/m2
User-neutral, wireline connections
(phone, fax, analog, ISDN, DSL, LAN)

Wideband connections (TV) 150
Fiber-optic connections
(Single-mode and/or gradient)

Space dividing options

The partition walls provide for optimum sound absorption due to their multi-layered structure. This special feature enables customers to use individual, separate sections of the hall as an auditorium for lectures, while an exhibition is taking place in another section at the same time.

All partition walls provide for optimum sound absorption due to their layered structure. This enables us to arrange and divide the space also according to acoustic requirements so important to conference environments, as well as to the specific requirements of your event. For example, individual, separate sections of the hall can be used for a series of lectures while consecutively holding presentations in another partitioned-off area.

More information about the exhibition halls at Messe München

Bookable as of now – our new Conference Center Nord

Be sure to secure your space at our new location and make your booking for the Conference Center Nord right away, we offer package sizes from S to XL . Make sure to book capacities in our new Conference Center Nord now. Choose from a variety of package sizes from S to XL.

Our Sales Team will be pleased to advise you which package best suits your needs.