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Sustainable management of the environment is an important concern to us

Ecological sustainability is one of our main issues. By following consistent measures, we’ve already achieved a lot. For example, Messe München is the only exhibition center in the world that has been awarded TÜV Süd’s “Energy-efficient company” certification.

Respect for valuable resources

We are leaders in the areas of energy, avoidance of CO2 emissions, water management and waste prevention. In the future, we will continue to use the latest methods and techniques to conserve precious resources.

Our activities at a glance

Exhibition grounds of Messe München:

  • Our refined energy plan saves 8,000 tons of C02 per year. In comparison, 640,000 trees would be necessary to absorb this amount.
  • Our exhibition grounds have a green surface area of 125,000m², or 17%.
  • We are the only trade fair company in Europe to heat the exhibition grounds with geothermal energy, which we source from the Munich public services’ geothermal plant located directly in the Riem exhibition center.
  • Our own combined heat and power unit covers peak needs.
  • We obtain solar energy using one of the world’s largest photovoltaic rooftop systems.
  • We use local heat generation and cooling systems with natural gas and night-rate electricity.
  • We collect and seep rain water to relive the sewer system.
  • For lighting, we use energy-saving fixtures that are set according to time of day and amount of daylight.
  • We have automated energy-saving measures in all buildings.
  • We reduce, separate and recycle waste using our own innovative concept.
  • We use FSC paper from sustainable forests.

Our trade show involvement:

  • We organize exhibitions related to environmental and climate protection, e.g. the IFAT, BAU, electronica, productronica and Oils + Fats, as well as the Intersolar as a guest-hosted event.
  • True to the motto "Green Fairs", our trade fairs reflect ever-increasing sustainability – both thematically and in their execution.

Our involvement in regional, national and international environmental initiatives:

  • We are actively involved in several environmental initiatives
  • We operate the Technology Pavilion Building Center in Poing.

More information about the Technology Pavilion